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This account is inactive.

2010-03-05 21:21:44 by HailFire

Seriously, I haven't updated it since... mid-2008.

Don't hold your breath that I'll really use it anymore, either.

Oh, also...

This account is inactive.

Some more updates

2008-03-14 23:08:35 by HailFire

Submitted a bunch of stuff to my new DeviantArt account.

/shameless plug

Some updates

2008-03-12 01:17:36 by HailFire

If you (all 2 of you) have been wondering why I've been gone lately, it's because my Internet connection's been on the fritz most of the week.

Also, I made a deviantArt account that i might do something with in the next century or so.

Also, I want Brawl D:


2007-12-30 23:16:01 by HailFire

I suck at updating blogs.

EDIT: Also note that I hardly ever update/add onto my faves lists, as I'm incredibly lazy like that.